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Aldeas de las Ceuvas - COSTA BLANCA

Offers around €475,000

On approximately 3200m2 plot, on a small private estate with glorious views, approximately 300m above sea level.

Be inspired with our hot properties currently being sold privately.

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Welcome to the Winter issue of Living Spain. We sent John Lloyd to experience the wonderment of La Garrotxa Volcanic Zone National Park from a hot air balloon. You can see his stunning photography and full report in this issue.

We also take a look at the town of Trujillo in Extremadura, which was home to Pizarro, one of several famous conquisadors who made their fortune in Latin America and brought home their new-found wealth to create beautiful and thriving towns.

Tempted by the sound of the custard apple? We explore the seasons of Spanish fruit and take a look at some of the country's more eccentric fiestas. Tomato fight, anyone?

The Valley of the Volcanoes

The Catalan area of La Garrotxa is a national park at the foot of the Pyrenees crammed with volcanoes. John Lloyd explores it from the air.

The gem of Extramadura

Little known Trujillo in south-west Spain, just a couple of hours from Madrid, is a magical town where you can eat and live like a Conquistador.

Seasons of Spanish Fruit

Fruit in Spain is far more seasonal than that which we enjoy here, meaning it's all the more welcome when its time finally comes.